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Jan 25, 2013 12:00am PST
government, which work, and if you looked at the budget president obama has put on the table, on a non-security discretionary budget under this president is to decline from about 4% of national income in 2010 down to below 2% by the end of this decade. 1.7% of national income for jobs, training, education, for all the infrastructure, the environment, climate, technology, and forgetting who government? this is the hard truth, and what is likely to happen is to solidify this, because no one is speaking out for the government. we are talking about protecting entitlements. we are squeezing to nothing. the top do not pay. they have been given every way to get their money out tax-free, and it is trillions of dollars that have been lost in addition to what has been wasted in the censored wars. >> if i can get some quick response, jeffrey sachs was saying a while ago there is a bipartisan consensus that the poor do not matter, so they end up being more invisible. what is troubling for so many of us, you talk about a guy like lyndon johnson who made it very clear he knew he was writing off the
Jan 28, 2013 8:00am EST
is, who do not understand the government's job is to take care of its people, we are never going anywhere in the country, because we deal with not so every single day. -- with nuts every single day. these people care nothing -- care about nothing but themselves. [applause] tavis: let me ask you something. i am like roseanne. i am feeling sorry for you. i am going to push too high in my prayers. on a serious note, we saw the play out in the fiscal cliff negotiation, and we are going to see this in the debt ceiling. if you are right about this, there are people in trends in congress. they come from districts. they come from states where this is not their issue, so congress is polarized around the issue of poverty. we said there is a bipartisan consensus parliament does not matter. if you are right about your assessment, how do we imagine the plight of the four is going to get a dress? >> just what you have been giving these lawyers about. -- these blurbs about. people have to stop being silent. anytime i get a phone call in my office i believe at least 50 of my constituents believe
Jan 24, 2013 7:00pm EST
understand is you cannot just cut and constrict government. when you do, it goes all the way down the pipeline. it is not a cut -- is a shift. when you start cutting at the local, state, and county levels, you create a bigger problem than you think you have solved. it is all a game -- tavis: i have one more person to get involved -- let me ask for a follow-up. you accurately laid out what happened to poverty and the bush and ministration, and then stopped, as if we stopped than. when barack obama was elected -- poverty numbers continue to get worse. on barack obama -- put the facts on the table. they kept getting worse under barack obama -- sachs writes about this. demonize,ing this to but i'm wondering how is your mind that poverty gets made a priority, whether the president is a republican or a democrat? >> i think i did say that when we went into the ditch as bush came out of office, poverty continue to increase. there is no question about that. it has increased significantly. i do not believe that as a nation, not just the white house but the bottom up, any of us have done enough
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)